There are endless reasons why basketball is so incredible. For starters it requires minimal equipment which is a huge benefit for those with limited resources. If a person is verbally challenged there is no hindrance because there is no call for spoken words .The impatient have nothing to worry about for the game is non stop after that starting moment.  The Tip -Off also known as JumpBall ! Basketball teaches fundamental lessons that shape not only lives of the individuals who play but all of those that enjoy to watch.
Discipline,  organization,  commitment,  sacrifice,  leadership,  communication,  and responsibility are some tools a person learns through their journey. Knowing how to deal with adversity,  delivering a peak performance on command,  and understanding the true meaning of teamwork.

There is no I in T.E.A.M
TEAM means Together ,Everyone, Achieves, More

Danny Essix 

Umaire Ashraf

Ryan Caraballo
AAU Team Director 
Andy Smith
Basketball Administrator 
Azharul Islam Himel
Manufacturing Partner